Wine in the Woods

Wine in the Woods

Wine Education Seminars

Wine Education Seminars 2019

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Wine Tasting 101 – Come learn the basics of how to evaluate and appreciate wine, which wines to enjoy when, how to cellar your wine, how to preserve your wine, and a wealth of other information.


Maryland White Wines – Come learn the nuances of white wine. Understand appropriate foods and events to enjoy white wine, proper serving temperature, learn the time frame most white wines should be consumed, plus an array of other information relating to white wines.


Maryland Red Wines – Find out how to best cellar your red wine, food selections to go with certain varietals of red wine, proper room temperature for serving red wine, why red wine is more age-worthy than white wine and much more.


Maryland Sweet & Dessert Wines – During our final seminar, learn the difference between a sweet wine and a dessert wine; how sweet wine can be enjoyed and with what foods; and how dessert wine fits into your meal planning.  So, come enjoy the “stickies,” as our Aussie cousins refer to them.

NOTE: Wine Educator is a covered vendor under the Special Events Policy

Wine Education Provided by:

Tasters Guild International
1515 Michigan N.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Ph: 616-454-7815 / Fax: 616-459-9969


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